NFL Charting Data Demo

Go beyond standard NFL stats.


Featured charting stats include:

  • Broken Tackles by team, offense and defense.
  • Broken Tackles by player, offense and defense.
  • Pressure Rate by team, offense and defense.
  • Play-Action Rate and performance by team, offense and defense.
  • Defensive player Pressures.
  • Drop totals for receivers.
  • Cornerback charting metrics (not adjusted for opponent), including Target Totals, Yards per Pass Allowed, Yards After Catch (YAC) Allowed, and Success Rate.

Data can be filtered by season, 2015-2019 seasons. Data is reported as season-to-date, for the regular season only (play-by-play data is not included).

Note: Many charting stats are subjective. Our counts for stats such as drops, broken tackles, and pass pressures may differ from the totals given by other media outlets based on different definitions used by each company and the subjective opinions of the individual game charters involved.

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