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Football Outsiders Almanac 2019 (PDF)

Download the best annual guide to the 2019 football season featuring:

The most accurate NFL team projections

More than 500 fantasy football player projections

Expanded college football projections for the top 50 FBS teams


Aaron Schatz and the experts at are back with the most authoritative and innovative guide to professional football for an all-new season, offering more cutting-edge statistical analysis, obsessive film study, and trademark humor.

Almanac 2019

“Exhaustive, enlightening, surprising in many cases, and an absolute must-read if you like the NFL.”   
     - Peter King, NBC Sports

“A book that any self-respecting NFL fan needs to purchase.”
     - Bill Simmons, The Ringer


Football Outsiders Almanac includes detailed analysis and statistics that you can’t get anywhere else:

  • Groundbreaking team and player DVOA ratings that reveal true value beyond what traditional NFL stats offer
  • Exclusive data that cannot be found in standard NFL stats, including: 
    • Which receivers run the longest patterns on both complete and incomplete passes
    • Which quarterbacks benefit the most from yards after catch
    • Which teams blitz most often
    • Which defensive backs have the best pass coverage
  • Wide Receiver performance based on pre-snap positioning
  • Detailed analysis for each team’s performance based on personnel package
  • Detailed stats for offensive linemen and defensive players
  • Extensive coverage of all 32 teams, including:
    • Week-by-week stats from the previous season
    • Five-year performance trends
    • Analysis of off-season personnel changes
  • Each team’s probability to be a Super Bowl contender... or a contender for the top pick in next year’s NFL Draft
  • Preseason fantasy projections for 500+ skill position players based on KUBIAK projections
  • Detailed analysis for college football:
    • Breakdowns on the top 50 college football teams
    • Innovative stats of Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau
    • Stats from last season
    • Strengths and weaknesses of each team
    • Odds of winning each game of the upcoming season
    • Win-loss projections for all 130 Division I-A (FBS) teams.

Don’t just take our word. See what the experts are saying about it:

"The Bible for Superfans and Fantasy Football Leaguers.”
- The Boston Globe

“Football Outsiders Almanac will not only make you a better fantasy owner, it will make you a smarter football fan.”
- Matthew Berry, ESPN

“Indispensable to fantasy football players and fans who simply want to dig into the real reasons teams play well.”
- The Washington Times

“It’s my personal opinion that you should take in as much information as possible before making critical decisions for your organization. Football Outsiders has now built a system that has some serious traction behind it. I personally find it fascinating.”
- John Schneider, General Manager, Seattle Seahawks

“It’s important for you, the working football fan, to know more about football than other football fans. Football Outsiders Almanac will give you all the background knowledge you need to make your football-watching companions feel uninformed and inadequate.”
- Drew Magary, Deadspin

“Football is a nearly impossible game for even its most devout practitioners to understand. Football Outsiders is the best way I know to make it make sense.”
- Will Leitch, New York Magazine

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Football Outsiders Almanac 2019 (PDF)