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DVOA Database

The DVOA database contains DVOA data back to 1986. Data is updated every Tuesday during the season. Adjusted Line Yards (ALY) and Adjusted Sack Rate (ASR) data goes back to 1995.

DVOA database can be utilized in a variety of ways to analyze:

  • DVOA based on:
    • Down
    • Field Position
    • Score Differential
  • Franchise DVOA over a 25-season span
  • Franchise DVOA for all 16 games of a regular season



Expanded Player Pages

The Expanded Player Pages contain player stats and game charting data. The last three years of player stats and the last year of game charting data are available to anyone, but Premium Access users get proprietary access to:

  • Regular season player stats dating back to 1991
  • Game charting data back to 2005
  • An archive of all FO articles relating to each player since 2003

Player Pages


Weekly NFL Picks

The Weekly Picks come in two forms – against the spread and straight-up. They are derived using a formula that incorporates splits of DVOA, as well as injury and weather data.

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